We invite you to come on a journey with us. Read our story, see our passion, meet our community, and learn about our brands. Immerse yourself in everything that is Studio M, and let us inspire you.


It all started with a simple idea. Sue Todd wanted a way to easily decorate her mailbox for the holidays. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for at the shops around town, she shared the idea with her husband Curt.

The two were tossing around ideas over drinks one winter evening after tucking their three kids into bed. They knew what they wanted to make, but were stuck when it came to how to attach it to a mailbox. Curt made his way to the freezer to add a few ice cubes to his drink. Staring at a magnetic calendar on the refrigerator door, all of the sudden it hit him. Aha! He snatched the calendar off the fridge and ran out into the snow in his slippers. Wrapping the calendar around the mailbox, he knew he had the perfect solution—a magnet.

With just $20 and a unique vision, Sue and Curt designed the first magnetic mailbox cover, and the MailWraps® was born. The brand-new company, then known as Magnet Works, Ltd., eventually gained its first two employees—Curt’s mom and Sue’s mom. What started as a home-based business for two outgrew six buildings and has now expanded into a community of over 100 passionate employees, 150 talented artists, thousands of independent retailers, and countless loyal customers.


In the 30 years since the invention of MailWraps we have come to know our true passion—marrying innovative design with beautiful artwork to create remarkable outdoor products. We are constantly looking for unique ways to make beautiful art a part of everyday life, and our talented community of artists has allowed us to grow in more ways than we ever imagined. With their bold creativity and our passion for innovation, we have become a destination for the art-inspired gardener. We are constantly looking for ways to “bend the bar”—to use creativity to solve problems in unexpected ways. We strive to create remarkable products you can’t find anywhere else.

At Studio M, we’re as passionate about quality as we are about innovation. We strive to create truly distinctive products while holding ourselves to a higher standard than others in the industry. Each one of us takes pride in our work, and together we strive to be remarkable—using innovation to make good products great.

Our commitment to quality goes far beyond products. It’s about building lasting relationships by treating our customers as we would our family members. As hard as we try, we aren’t perfect. So if there’s a problem, we make it right. We’re a company you can trust.


Studio M is rooted in family and thrives on quality relationships. The company’s first employees were family members, friends, and neighbors, and now there are too many connections to count! Mothers and daughters, sisters and brothers, grandmothers and granddaughters, aunts and nephews, neighborhood friends…we truly are a family business.

For us, “Made in the USA” is more than just something we can put on a label to sell products. It means supporting our community of amazing, hard-working people who all share the same passion for great artwork and quality products. Our first product line, MailWraps, was born in the USA in 1989—and it’s still made at our facility in St. Louis, Missouri. Over 30 years later, we’ve expanded our domestic production to include well over half of everything we offer

Our community reaches far outside those of us here at Studio M. It includes everyone from our artists and vendor partners to local retailers, end consumers, and beyond. What we do touches the lives of so many—supporting local shops, creative minds, families—and we are so honored. Together, we can do something more remarkable than any one of us could do alone. That’s what Studio M is all about.

Through our Community in Action (CIA) group, we give support to those in need in our local St. Louis community. CIA is a group of employees who focuses on assisting local charities through donation collections, visits to local nursing homes, planting community gardens, and more.


Each product we create starts with a unique piece of artwork—a sketch, painting, or graphic illustration … a mosaic, collage, or piece of wood that’s been burned and painted. Together with talented artists from around the world, we strive to create remarkable products that inspire creativity and personal expression. Art fuels everything we do.

On our search for great art, we’ve made some very special relationships with talented artists all over the world—some of whom we’ve been lucky enough to know since we released our very first line of MailWraps. Looking at all of the beautiful outdoor décor we make now, it’s hard to believe we once had just one product. We owe so much of that growth to our community of artists.

Our artists hail from so many different backgrounds. They are classically trained and self-taught, whimsical and traditional. But they all have at least one thing in common—they are the best of the best. We count ourselves very lucky to be partners with each and every one of them.

Jennifer Brinley

Stephanie Burgess

Laura Benge

Lori Siebert

Sally Eckman Roberts

Susan Winget


Studio M is deeply rooted in a spirit of entrepreneurship. We enjoy solving problems in creative ways, and we have a unique approach to designing products. Our goal is to make artwork a part of everyday life. With innovative design and beautiful artwork, our products bring paintings, mosaics, carvings, and patterns into your home in the most unexpected ways.

In everything we do, we strive to do it our own way—to make it remarkable. We love creating completely original products like MailWraps and Art Poles, or putting a unique twist on otherwise ordinary products—like adding artwork to a planter or developing an exclusive fabric to make superior flags. We don’t stop at “good enough”, and we believe our products reflect our passion, dedication, and creativity.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better. We hope you enjoyed our story! Ready to shop? Click here to browse our products.