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Birding Supplies

For true bird-lovers, no garden is complete without a decorative birdbath. Find essential birding supplies, such as birdhouses, birdhouse Art Poles, and garden birdbaths at Studio M.

Our functional birding supplies are far from boring. Studio M birding products offer a unique blend of beauty and functionality that you won’t find anywhere else. Most decorative birdbaths and birdhouses will fall apart outdoors and do nothing to attract birds to your garden. Our weatherproof bird bath Art Poles and birdhouse poles will survive the elements and have been engineered to provide everything birds are looking for. Best of all, our birding supplies are printed in the USA.

Our artist-designed birdbaths feature beautiful hand-hammered basins made from stainless or copper-plated stainless steel. The base of each birdbath is adorned in vivid, eye-catching artwork that will add a lovely pop of color to your garden. Each of our fully functional birdhouses and birdhouse poles has a fledgling ladder, ventilation and drainage holes, a removable rooftop for easy cleanout, and an entrance hole with a protective metal ring to prevent squirrels and other critters from chewing their way inside.

Add a birdhouse art pole or birdhouse to your garden, pull up a lawn chair, and watch as the birding supplies from Studio M attract feathered friends to your outdoor space. Your new avian neighbors will be right at home in their new birdhouse and will enjoy taking a drink or splashing around in your new decorative birdbath. Shop our collection of bird-friendly garden décor today!