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Outdoor Silhouette Shades™

Create an artful outdoor retreat with Silhouette Shades™. Designed by artist Sharyn Sowell, each shade features intricate cutouts, providing a unique way to add a touch of privacy, shade, and art to any space. Silhouette Shades™ are sure to add artist-designed elegance to your outdoor space. An alternative to heavy outdoor curtains or structured privacy panels, Silhouette Shades’ design offers privacy while still allowing for nice breeze and a touch of dappled sunshine – truly the best of both worlds.

Crafted from Dupont™ Tyvek® material, they have an incredibly lightweight design but boast superior durability and strength. Don’t let its ultra-thin, almost paper-like look fool you – Tyvek® is anything but paper, featuring unmatched performance and tear resistance.

Use multiple vertical Silhouette Shades™ to add privacy and beauty to your sun porch, patio, or garden. You can even hang a silhouette shade panel in front of a window or glass door to partially screen the view into the house or on your front porch between the rails and roof to offer some pretty privacy for reading and conversation.